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Listed below in order are our favorite mortgage lenders that specialize in refinancing with a full review of each.  Reading these reviews will help you understand how we came to this conclusion.


Quicken Loans

America’s Largest online mortgage lender.

  • NHighest customer satisfaction
  • NWide range of customer satisfaction
  • NDedicated online mortgage portal
15 yr rate 30 yr rate
(2.961% APR)
(3.139% APR)


Better Mortgage

Top refinance lender with no fees and no commissions
  • NAverage customer save $3,479
  • NMinimum Credit Score 625+
  • N$100 price match guarantee
15 yr rate 30 yr rate

(2.420% APR)

(2.805% APR)



Apply in minutes and close in days

  • NGood/Excellent credit only
  • N30 year term, jumbo refi available
  • NRefinance with option to pull up to $500k cash out
15 yr rate 30 yr rate
(2.420% APR)
(2.805% APR)



Find a simple mortgage that works for you at the touch of a button and close in days

  • NApplication syncs with your bank
  • NHome loan experts available 24/7
  • NFast rate quotes you can trust
15 yr rate 30 yr rate
(2.420% APR)
(2.805% APR)


Before you commit to a lender be sure to read this review.   This shows you a very effective strategy in how to pay off your mortgage in 5 to 10 years with out you having to pay to refinance your mortgage.


Mortgage Accelerator

This is a strategy that when applied correctly can save you a lot of money

  • NPay your mortgage off in 5 - 10 years
  • NSave thousands of dollars in interest
  • NDoes not require a refinance ( No closing costs)
  • MDoes require additional payments
5 yr rate 10  yr rate
2.375% 2.750%

Refinancing Your Home


When you’re in the market for a new home, a 30 year term is often mortgage of choice because it offers the lowest monthly payment, but as the years pass it often makes sense to refinance your home into another loan like a 15 year loan.  If you are reading this you will likely have given this some thought.  The benefits of paying off your mortgage quicker can save you tens of thousands of dollars maybe more and is well worth your time to evaluate.

As with any financial product, though, you’ll want to take your time when comparing lenders and rates. Current 15-year mortgage rates may look favorable, but you’ll have to live with the terms of the contract for a long time. It’s always best to analyze it in context so you can confidently choose the right loan for you.


Understanding Refinancing

The section that below is a list of common questions people have when they are considering refinancing their home.

What does it mean to refinance a mortgage ?

When you refinance a mortgage you take out a new loan to pay off your existing home loan where the new loan interest rate is lower than the older loan.

Things to be aware of there are that there are upfront costs associated with mortgage refinancing.  You should understand that you will need to either pay them out of pocket or incorporate the fees into the loan.  These means adding the fees on top of your new loan.  The down side to this is you will be paying interest on that fee for a long time, but if you are trying to complete the refinance without coming out of pocket that is a good way to handle it.  Usually even with the additions costs, the savings from the new rate is so significant, it is well worth doing.

Listed below are some good reasons people refinance their mortgage:

  • Reduce your monthly payment: With the lower interest rate on the new loan, your monthly payment maybe lower.
  • Reduce the time to pay off the loan: Reducing the time to pay off your mortgage combined with lower interest rate can save you tens of thousands of dollars.   It is a good idea to take the time and view your payments over your current loan and compare it to your old loan.   It really drives home how much money you can save. 
  • Eliminate PMI or FHA : Private Mortgage Insurance or Federal Housing Insurance is often required when you don’t have the funds to pay down 20% of the equity in your house.  This insurance is there to protect the mortgage company in case you default on the loan.  Once you have enough equity this is often reason enough to refinance or might be the tipping point to get you to commit to doing a refinance, but either way the savings is significant. 
  • Perform a cash-out refinance: In this scenario you are in need of a lump sum of cash for lets say a renovation or pay off a car or high interest credit card debt.  You refinance the loan of your house and add an additional lump sum to the loan.  With the lowered interest rate, your payments may not increase and the lump sum of cash can get you out of a difficult situation.
Why should I refinance my mortgage loan ?

Refinancing a mortgage loan allows you to reduce the interest you pay the mortgage company every month?  This can save you tens of thousands of dollars of the term of a home loan.  So when should I evaluate doing this ?

  • Your financial situation changes — Your credit card  debt is becoming unmanageable, your monthly bills are adding up and you are having difficulty making your mortgage payment.  It doesn’t always need to be negative financial situation.  For example you get a raise and you can afford to pay more on your mortgage.  Instead of keeping a 30 year loan, refinancing into a 15 year loan can result in you building some serious wealth.
  • Eliminating private mortgage insurance —  If you’ve built up enough equity in your home, as mentioned earlier, you can refinance your loan and eliminate PMI or  FHA insurance. 
  • Obtaining Lump Sum of cash — As mentioned earlier if you are looking to pay off a home project or consolidate your credit cards, refinancing your mortgage is a way of cashing out the equity in your house in order to pay of these financial obligations.
Is this the right time to refinance ?

Yes because mortgage rates are roughly between 2% to 3% for 15 and 30 year home loans.  Mortgage rates have not been this low since 2013.  These rate are significantly lower than student loans or credit cards.

As mentioned earlier you always want to understand and calculate all of your costs to ensure refinancing your loan make sense.


When does it make sense refinance ?

Refinancing your loan makes sense when you are planning to stay in your home for a long time and you still have the majority of the loan to pay off.

You want to make sure the interest rates are lower than your current loan.  Once again it is a good idea to compare a interest payment table for both loans so you know exactly how much money you will save.  Be sure at the end of that to subtract your closing costs off the end of that savings.  Now you will have a good idea does it make sense.


When should I not refinance ?

Typically if you are planning on selling your home in the near future (like to 2 – 5 years) it will not make sense for you to refinance your home.  This is because of the costs to refinance are so high, you will not be able to recoup your money.

How much does it cost to refinance ?

The costs of refinance a mortgage is similar to new mortgage loan and range typically from 2% – 5%.   This fees are used to pay the lender, the title company, the attorney and anyone else depending on your situation.

As mentioned earlier, you might be able to roll the costs into your loan, but do realize increasing your loan amount means you are paying interest these fees for the term of your loan.


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