by Will Berger | Sep 20, 2020

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For more than 90 years, American Family has been providing insurance for families across America. They offer a variety of car insurance products, including: liability, collision, and some special incentives to reward good drivers. Despite its long history, American Family has transitioned into the modern age, customers can now purchase insurance and file claims using their online platform, and benefit from some handy apps.


  • PLots of different policy options
  • PUseful online tools and app


  • OTakes a few minutes to get a quote


American Family gives a variety of car insurance policies and choices. You can begin by finding the types of coverage that are required in your state, and if you like, add other types of insurance. American Family is available across the country, with agents and representatives ready to help you find the best policies to fit you. They also provide comprehensive online tools, and a mobile app.

If you’re used to applying for things online, their online platform will be handy for you. You can get a quote on the American Family website or by calling one of their agents, unfortunately, it’ll take a few minutes, and you’ll need to give a few personal details, like your email address and phone number.

What Types of Auto Insurance they Offer:

Comprehensive coverage. Covers expenses for damages caused by accidents not related to other vehicles, such as fire, theft, vandalism, flooding, hail, and  animal collisions. 

Collision coverage. Covers expenses for vehicle damage or destruction, no matter who was at fault. 

Property damage liability. Covers expenses for damaging someone else’s property – such as their vehicle or their mailbox.

Medical expense. Covers medical care for you and your passengers if you’re involved in a car accident, no matter who was at fault.

Bodily injury liability. Covers expenses for injuring someone else in an accident, and protects you if you’re sued for damages. 

Personal injury protection. Covers expenses related to injuries you or your passengers suffer as a result of an accident, for example: medical costs, loss of income, or childcare expenses. 

Gap coverage. Covers the difference between the money you owe on your car and what the car is worth after an accident- very handy if you have a total loss.

Rental reimbursement coverage. Pays for a rental vehicle while your car is in the repair shop.

Emergency roadside service. If you have a flat tire or other issue, this service is there for you.

Uninsured & underinsured motorist coverage. Covers your expenses if the other driver isn’t insured or causes more damage than their own insurance covers. 

Accidental death and dismemberment. Covers expenses related to death or serious injuries caused when a vehicle is involved in an accident, no matter who was at fault.

Specialty policies and add-ons:

MyAmFam mobile app.  This app has lots of handy features, for example: at the push of a button you can call for immediate roadside assistance, see real-time payment status, and download contracts and documents you might need.

KnowYourDrive. You have the option of installing a device in your car that tracks your driving habits. American Family rewards you with an introductory 5% discount on their car insurance and discounts of up to 40% when you continue to use the device.

Teen Safe Driver Program. A great idea for the nervous parents of new teen drivers, it’s a free add-on that gives teens the TrueMotion-powered app that reduces distractions and other unsafe behaviours. The app scores each drive your teen takes, and then gives tips on where they can do better. Parents can also benefit from a 10% discount on their car insurance when their teen completes 3,000 miles or one year in the Teen Safe Driver program, a pretty nice bonus.

    How to Apply:

    To begin your application for car insurance:

    1. You can speak to an American Family agent near you or request a quote online.

    2. To get an online quote, first fill in your zip code and the type of insurance you’re interested in.

    3. Then, give some basic personal info:  name, date of birth, and address.

    4. Next complete some info about your vehicle, for example: year, series, model, make, and the approximate number of miles you drive each year.

    5. If you currently have an insurance proivder, they’ll like some of that info as well.

    6. To finish, you’ll be shown “basic”, “enhanced”, and “premium” quotes. Select which best fits you.

    You can call customer service using the “auto quote number” shown at the top-right of your screen for any questions you might have.

      Making a Claim

      American Family provides you with a few painless ways to file a claim:

          Report your claim using your American Family online account.

          Contact your American Family agent.

          Call toll-free number 1-800-MY AMFAM (1-800-692-6326).

        Customer Support

        If you wish to contact company headquarters, speak to an agent or speak with a staff member, try these:

        Website: Call the car insurance department or find an agent in your state on their website.

        Mail: 6000 American Parkway, Madison, WI 53783

        Phone: 1-800-692-6326 (24/7 toll-free number)

        Live Chat: Available 9 a.m. to 8p.m. Eastern Time (or 8-8 Central Time / 6-6 Pacific Time).